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"JP and Elle, who were with us for our wedding weekend, were the best partners and felt like our fairy godparents who helped us in executing the wedding of our dreams."

                                                                                                             -Katherine A

Amplified Weddings & Events is a full-service wedding planning company with a focus on design and logistics. Based in Long Island, New York, but serving you wherever you celebrate, we make weddings approachable. Recognized for our ability to curate and amplify signature events, we pride ourselves on telling stories that are personal to you and moving to your guests. From the save the date to the farewell wedding brunch, we work closely with our couples (and their big extended families) to ensure your event feels authentically you. 

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Jp Vigliotti 
CEO/ Executive Planner 

Jp’s passion for events came from the big lights and action of New York City’s theatre world. He found his niche creating live experiences for his clients through events. Every event has a story to tell and Jp is here to help his clients tell it. He brings his expertise in creating creative creations from the theatre, mixed with his approachability and straight forward no BS sensibility to all his clients and their events. Amplified Weddings & Events was established in 2017 after working with many cooperations and entertainers in the event industry and pivoted his passion for weddings.

Elle DeMarzo
Client Impact Director / Associate Planner 

Elle is a special side of our team. As clients, some of you get to know Elle during the planning process, but almost all of you really get to know Elle the day of your wedding. Her special super hero powers really come alive on the day of your wedding when she is the timeline guru. She knows how to keep everything on schedule, wrangle wedding parties and talent all while making you feel as though you are the most important person.
Often times, you’ll notice she is feeling the nuptials just as deeply as our couples. We often have to have Kleenex and and tissues on hand for her water works—And we love her for it! 

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Melissa Brooks
Assistant Planner 

Melissa Brooks, the newest member of the Amplified Weddings and Events team, prides herself in her focused attention to detail when creating personalized experiences for our clients.  Her passion to help people, combined with her creativity and dedicated work ethic, enables her to help clients fulfill their vision.  

As an Assistant Planner, her goal is to ensure each event is as special and unique as the client she is working with and that her supportive responsibilities are seamlessly pulled together. Melissa takes pride in providing the best event planning experience possible.

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