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Let Us Be Your Guide: Navigating Through Engagement Season

Wedding bells ringing in the distance can only mean one thing: engagement season has arrived! So now you may be asking yourself, 'What is Engagement Season?' Well, everyone's heard of Wedding Season, but engagement season has its own exciting time of the year! Still unsure exactly what this season entails? Or why it's called Engagement Season? Don't fret! Let us be your transparent guide and help you map out your wedding journey. (Pro tip: Make sure you read until the end how to access our downloadable Budget Venue Calculator tool to help budget your wedding!)

When is Engagement Season?

Generally, the engagement season is between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. For reference, Wedding Season typically occurs from late spring through early fall. Now, as you can see, this means that wedding season practically begins just as engagement season ends! But don't let this stress you out. We here at Amplified Weddings and Events have seen enough engagement seasons to know that this does not mean you have to start planning your entire wedding right away. But before we get to the walkthrough of our tips and tricks on navigating engagement season, we first need to understand the story behind why engagement is when it is.

Why this time of year?

Engagement and the holiday season occur at the same time – coincidence? We think not! The holiday season is a time of year that brings a surge of family, joy, and celebrations, making the engagement season even more enjoyable. Also, during this time of year, people are usually at home for the holidays or visiting family. Therefore you are typically surrounded by the ones you love. What better time of year to pop the question?! So, in the spirit of wanting to share the wealth and have the family close by to celebrate this magical time in your lives, it's no wonder why this is the most popular time for engagements.

Taking Time to Celebrate your Engagement

However you decide to propose, whether in public or private, having a planned celebration will be an opportunity for everyone to share in the joy of the engagement and the holidays. In addition, an engagement party allows you to get your family and friends together before the wedding, especially if it's their first-time meeting. There are many different reasons why you would throw an engagement party. Firstly, if you're planning on eloping, having a small intimate ceremony, having a destination wedding, or want a reason to celebrate you and your fiance's engagement, then throwing an engagement party can be the right move for you. In other words, it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy your celebration with those that can attend your wedding and those that might not be able to.

Whether you're hosting a cocktail party in your apartment or an elegant sit-down dinner at a local restaurant, you do what is unique to you. Of course, people in your life may offer to help -- and that's okay! Now is the ideal time when the wedding planning process starts. You may let others offer their assistance if they want to, and do not worry too much about the party. Your wedding and the planning process is a massive undertaking. Your main goal should be to enjoy yourself throughout this happy occasion with your fiancé. Whatever avenue you and your fiancé take in celebrating your engagement, having loved ones and special people in your lives to help you celebrate this momentous time is unparalleled.

What is the Average Length of an Engagement?

The answer is: well, there is no definite answer to this question! And that's okay! Engagements can be as long or short as you like. It's entirely up to you. There are different pros and cons to having one way or the other, so we are here to present all the facts. This way, you can make an educated decision to see what fits best for you and your fiancé. One of the major components of figuring out your engagement's length is your venue choice. Availability, season restrictions, and price can all factor into the length of your engagement if your heart is set on a particular venue. Therefore, you and your fiancé must explore this issue and measure the different options.

Planning your personalized wedding celebration can influence the length of your engagement. Depending on how many days and guests your wedding celebration will have, the different wedding planning services you may be hiring, such as planning it yourself or hiring wedding planners, all play a role in the length of your engagement. Typically, couples having a one-day, intimate wedding can have a quicker engagement because there is less planning involved than if a couple is having a multi-day, over 200+ guest wedding. Essentially, it all comes down to the personalization of your wedding and what fits into you and your fiancé's wedding dreams!

Now, you're engaged. What's next?

One of the first questions that newly engaged couples ask is, "How much will a wedding cost?" Sure, wedding planning or wedding management details can add up, and to stay on top of all the expenses, you'll need to evaluate your financial plans. That way, you'll have an idea of your budget and how you can start tackling engagement and wedding costs together. Alongside the budget questions come the other crucial questions, such as "Who will be invited to the wedding?", "Where do you cut off the guest list?" and "Do you want an intimate ceremony or a big affair?" These can be sensitive decisions to make and should not be rushed.

Understandably, these budget and guest list questions can seem overwhelming at first. However, have no fear! We have created a customizable Budget Venue Calculator tool to help you navigate these tricky initial questions of the planning process (Check it out: You can find this tool under our ‘Love Goods’ tab on our website or by clicking Here). This tool will be one of the best ways to plan out your budget and get a handle on how much your wedding is going to cost. All you must do is enter the number of people you are planning on inviting and let the tool do the rest! This completely customizable tool allows you to get a sense of how much your wedding will cost and will enable you to make necessary changes where they are needed.

Our Most Important Tip

But most importantly, remember you both need to take time for yourselves and live in the moment. Your engagement is an exciting time in your life, full of high emotion and celebration. While you have a lot going on, it is crucial to take a step back. Do the leisure hobbies you enjoy -- whether it's going on a trip, seeing friends, reading, painting, whatever it may be! Carve time out to do the things you enjoy most. Recharging your mind and body is imperative to avoid the stress of wedding planning. It's so easy to get wrapped up in everything around you and, therefore, neglect yourself. When you look back during this time, you want to have fond memories, not dreadful ones. So as you use our tips to navigate through engagement season, remember to live in the moment, enjoy it, and don't worry about the little things.


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