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Entertainment at Weddings: Different Types and How to Choose the Right One For Your WEDDING

When you think of hiring entertainment for your wedding, everyone immediately thinks of the question: band or DJ. While they are an important entertainment element to have at your wedding, they only encompass one portion of the entertainment realm that you can incorporate during your special day. While we do mean the musical entertainment, we are also referring to the other forms of entertainment and plethora of specialty vendors as well. Choosing the right entertainment for your wedding is not only an important aspect when accounting for guest experience, but can really amplify your wedding day more than it already is! And there are so many avenues you can choose to ensure that your wedding entertainment is unforgettable.

Bands & DJs

Bands or DJs are the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we say entertainment. Now, as previously mentioned, the Band or DJ question is the initial thought when someone mentions entertainment at a wedding. When it comes to finding the musical entertainment portion of your wedding, there are multiple factors that play into it, determining what you want for your wedding. ​​​​​​​One thing to consider is the type of music you want at your wedding. Think about what you enjoy as a couple, and what reflects the vibe you want to create on your special day. ​​​​​​​​Take into account your partners and your music taste, what you enjoy. But also, be sure to acknowledge how you can fuse your style and music taste into music that would be great for a party, for a wedding. Another factor to consider is the variety of music you want at your wedding. The goal of any type of music at your wedding is to get people dancing and create a fun atmosphere. ​​​​​​​​Lastly, it’s a matter of budgeting your wedding. Look at all of your options, weigh the pros and cons, and come to the best decision that makes sense for you on your special day. There’s no wrong answer here, it’s a matter of preference and style! ​​​​​​​​

Check out this blog by TheKnot titled, Should You Have a Band or DJ for Your Wedding Reception Music? Which goes into further detail into these different components of choosing a DJ or Live Band for your wedding.


Another important aspect to note are the importance of your MC’s. Whether they are with a band of DJ, they are the element that makes the reception flow. This is why it is essential to find the right dynamic for an MC for your wedding day. They should match your personality as they are an extension of who you are and represent you to your guests. This will ensure you do not end up with a bad Sweet 16 MC crooning to your guests at your wedding, throwing off the entire ambiance and atmosphere you created so diligently with your design and other vendors. Not only will having the right MC improve your guest experience by keeping the flow of the evening seamless, but it will also help create a fun and memorable night for you and your guests.

Spotlight Musicians

Having spotlight musicians is another avenue you can go down in terms of musical entertainment. This can be anything from a pianist, harpist, saxophone player, soloist, cellist, etc. Any rendition of having a specialty musician spotlight at your wedding can help curate the atmosphere you want. Whether its moody, vibrant, elegant, or fun – make it unique to you. And the help of a spotlight musician can really extenuate that vibe throughout your day and to your guests as well!

The article All About Wedding Music – What Are the Options? By StyleMePretty is a great resource to use that lays out the different musical avenues you can go through


Something that has become increasingly popular are having artists at your wedding and doing a live painting. There are many factors to consider when booking a live artist, such as style, theme, and the moment you want to encompass. Having an artist Live paint at your wedding is a great form of entertainment that is not only riveting to watch and enjoy during the event, but it also becomes something that you’ll have and cherish forever.

For an in-depth look at the process of having a live painter at your wedding, check out the article titled Live Wedding Painting: Everything You Need to Know by BRIDES.

Magicians & Tarot or Psychic Readers

Magicians aren’t just for children’s parties. They are a fun way to have interactions you’re your guests and allow them to get an experience like no other. A fun and different entertainer such as a magician can amplify the ambiance and atmosphere of your wedding and truly make it unforgettable. Another fun form of entertainment you can hire for your guests is a Tarot or Psychic Reader. These can be a fun activity to have at your cocktail hour or reception to not only entertain guests, but give them a way to participate, making your special day more memorable. This also provides an outlet for non-dancing guests to not feel like they are stuck at their table, and allows them to get up and enjoy in the festivities!

Also, if you wanted to incorporate a celestial vibe throughout your wedding, check out this article titled 31 Celestial Wedding Ideas That Are Out of This World by BRIDES, which gives you a comprehensive look into all things celestial – hiring tarot and Psychic readers for weddings included!


Still looking for that perfect added entertainment element to your wedding? Hiring specialty dancers such as Aerialists, line Dancers, Belly Dancers, etc. can be a fun way to incorporate more entertainment into your wedding day. Not only can you improve guest experience and give your guests a source of entertainment, but it will definitely be something that will make tour wedding rememberable!

Check out the article titled 24 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas That Have Nothing to Do with a Band or DJ by Inside Weddings for look at the many different avenues you can go down when hiring dancers or other entertainment (outside of DJs and Bands) for your special day!

Cigar Rollers & Spirits

Hiring entertainers such as cigar rolling station is a fun way to not only add to the overall guest experience, but also provide an opportunity for educational entertainment, learning all about the aspects of cigar rolling. In addition to cigar rolling, icorporating your favorite signature cocktail is one thing, but having a specialty spirit vendor is another way to elevate your cocktail or reception experience! Bourbon and Whiskey tastings are popular entertainment elements to add to your wedding that can be a fun experience for your guests to enjoy. This can be a great way for guests to try something new, or even learn about something they never knew before, all while enjoying your wedding.

Check out the article by Bride & Blossom, where they talk with Brain Kantor of Pour My Party, where they go into detail about the benefits and different ways you can incorporate spirit tasting into your wedding.

Specialty Food Stations

This one is for the foodies out there! You can incorporate you and your partners favorite food experiences in your wedding such as a Smores station, food truck of choice, etc.! The options are endless. Not only is this a great way to end the night after your celebration, but can also be something you incorporate into your cocktail hour or reception as well. Not only is this a great way to infuse you and your partners style and taste into your special day, but it also is a great way to boost guest experience and even a great photo-op as well!

Check out the article by TheKnot titled, Everything You Need to Know About Food Truck Wedding Catering, which goes into detail about how to seamlessly incorporate a food truck or food vendor into your special day!

Final Note on Entertainment

As we’ve now seen, Entertainment vendors can come in many different forms. The important part to remember when planning your wedding and figuring out which entertainment vendors is right for you, comes down to you and your partners vision, theme, and style. Entertainment vendors are a great opportunity to boost guest experience and really showcase the style of celebration you and your partner want to have by making your special day unique to you. Whether is DJ or Live Band, Spirit Tastings, or even Tarot Readers, hiring entertainment vendors into your wedding is a great way to boost guest experience, and leave them with a night they will surly not forget!


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