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Desti-stay-shun: why long island is the new destination spot for weddings

At Amplified Weddings & Events, we’re always going to be real with our clients and now, with one of our own currently living the process, sharing everything in real time with you seems obvious. So with Elle going through these wedding motions along with some of our extended Amplifamily, we're just going to say it: Sometimes getting married on Long Island can make you feel like a conveyor belt bride or groom. A simultaneous mutli-event catering hall can seem as if you're simply filling out the blanks in a sort of marital mad-libs that doesnt always connect personally enough for you. At times, the traditional venues that travel from family to family via word of mouth aren’t a particular couple’s thing, leaving many of those couples to consider trading this island for other islands or simply other states, opting for a true destination wedding. Elle knows because her and her fiance', Drew, were one of those couples.

"There wasn't an ounce of me that thought I would get married on Long Island until I started planning events here. There is so much amazing history here and so many luxe, special, places to celebrate. I'm still upset that I didn't know a drive-on ferry to Shelter Island existed until I was, at least, 30 years old. But, those little towns here only accessible by ferry instantly make me feel like I'm in Martha's Vineyard somewhere while having all the history of that Gatsby era and Long Island's Gold Coast." - Elle, Lead Planner, Amplified Weddings & Events

What’s wrong with a traditional catering hall?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with these old faithful venues. To no particular fault to place béchamel-ed blame on and we can say without an ounce of shade that full service catering halls employ some of our favorite people and house some of our most cherished memories (Jp essentially grew-up in them). We would never besmirch any of these institutions, as we’d be pretty much disowned or at least banned from future family parties and we can’t go on knowing we won't have that cocktail hour tortellini. There is an absolute need for full service venues. They are professionals, the food is usually delicious, and if you've been to a party there, you generally know what to expect. So what were really campaigning for in this blog is variety!

Couples may seek out the option of destination weddings because according to polling referenced in 2021’s WeddingCorPro’s Seminars, the new generation of celebrants care less about a lavish viennese hour or coming up in a glass elevator (there's shrill plenty who want these moments, I don't blame them–when else is this appropriate?) These couples would rather use that money they'd save on a bespoke venue, and instead plan a three day weekend wedding of all your rom-com dreams, starting with a stylish welcome party, caping off with a fun and much need hair-of-the-dog boozy brunch. Experiential moments are more important to newly engaged couples than the Island that offers everything from vineyards to lighthouses to gilded mansions, all a hop-skip and a jump from the city?

Above all, Long Island is versatile. There are so many hidden gems, perfect for any type of wedding vibe that will be sure to make you feel like you’ve been transported to another state or even country! Let’s take a look at all the different styles that you can find right here in our backyard.

The Gold Coast

If the words regal, gilded, gatsby-esc, or lavish describe the vibe you want for your wedding, then look no further than Long Island's Gold Coast. The North Shore, which has been coined the rename as the Gold Coast due to the types of lavish private properties that reside here. As mentioned in the Untapped New York article 10 Gold Coast Mansions of Long Island 'the Gold Coast inhabits a variety of gilded mansions, many of which have been re-purposed and renovated to be able to host special events such as weddings. In addition to these extravagant estates, also within the borders of the Gold Coast inhabits Oheka Castle, one of Long Island’s venue gems. Be sure to check out their article for a full rundown on all the different mansions and estates that Long Island’s Gold Coast has to offer!

The Hamptons

One of Long Island’s key features is the water. I mean, we’re surrounded by it, why not show off the stunning ocean views! If you want to have a beachy or modern wedding, then be sure to check out the Hamptons as your wedding destination spot. A great feature about the Hamptons is that it has a lot of different opportunities to offer. For example, you could rent a mansion on the water and do a build-out, brining in vendors and creating your own space, or you can have it at one of the exquisite estates placed out there or on the beach at one of the many incredible venues the Hamptons have to offer. The article “A Wedding in the Hamptons? We’re there—and so are these 10 stunning wedding venues” by Here Comes the Guide lay out some of the best venues located in the Hamptons!

The Surrounding Islands: Shelter Island vs. Fire Island

Most people immediately consider Fire Island as a destination wedding spot, but not many people think

of Shelter Island when it comes to planning a wedding. Shelter Island is one of Long Islands hidden gems; located on the Eastern end of Long Island, but north of the Hamptons. Even though this small chunk of land that sits in between the Eastern fork of Long Island is nothing to pass over. Aside from their beach front properties, scenic marinas, yacht clubs and boathouses, Shelter islands surrounding scenery is enough to elevate any type of venue you’re looking for. For an extensive look at the venues Shelter Island has to offer, make sure you check out TheKnot’s page on all places located on Shelter Island!

Fire Island, located on the southern side of long Island, is another great spot to have

Check out the article “Fire Island Wedding Guide: The Destination Close to Home” by the Fire Island News for an in-depth look at all of the spaces Fire Island has to offer! If you’re looking for an outdoorsy but beachy wedding, then this might be a good place to consider when looking for your wedding location. On this barrier Island, just off Long Island’s mainland, are many options such as the Fire Island National Seashore and the Fire Island Lighthouse. There are also stunning plush beaches, perfect for on the beach ceremonies and scenic views that are nothing short of striking.

The Wineries

Peppered through the entirety of Long Island are spectacular wineries, each possessing a different vibe and character that makes each one truly unique and perfect for any wedding type. From rustic to modern, casual to luxury – you can find it all! Long Island wineries are known for their scenic views, either of the vast vineyards or waterfront as well, perfect to compliment your wedding style and vibe. The article “9 Long Island Vineyard Wedding Venues for Wine-Filled Celebrations” by the Wedding Wire, discusses the different types of wineries Long Island has to offer that is sure to elevate any event! The Northfork including Matttiuck and Greenpoint are the Marthva’s Vinyard of Long Island.

Our End Note

As you can see, Long Island has a spot to fit every niche. From timeless gilded mansions to modern-chic to boho, you can take comfort in knowing that there are not just one, but many options for your wedding vibe right here on Long Island. Hidden gems such as Shelter Island, and impeccable scenic views from different points all over the Island will make you and your guests feel like you’ve been transported. Who knew that the entire world was at your back door?!


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